Wok the New Year

Love Asian food?  You can become a Wok Star!

South Florida resident and Wok Star Eleanor Hoh makes stir frying easy, fun and healthy in her Wok Star cooking classes.  Her goal: to show how you can create big flavors with just a few fresh ingredients.

My husband and I attended a Wok Star cooking class where we learned Eleanor’s easy style of cooking.

She created her method of stir-fry by adapting her mother’s traditional methods to a modern lifestyle. Eleanor cooks the way I like to cook — without recipes and without having to measure ingredients.

You start your stir-fry using oil, ginger and garlic.  Then add your vegetables or protein, and in minutes you have a delicious and healthy meal.  It’s fun for people who love cooking at home and easy enough that those with little cooking experience can create great dishes.

The class is high energy and interactive, with everyone getting a chance to get comfortable using a wok. You learn the techniques of stir-frying so you can create your own dishes at home. And best of all, you get to taste what you’ve made!

Eleanor has Wok Star kits available to purchase at her classes and on her website.  The kit contains a pre-seasoned lightweight cast iron wok with a lid and spatula, as well as seasonings and DVDs in case you want to review your technique.

Eleanor’s next class is the evening of January 21st at the Gibson Guitar Showroom in Miami’s Design District.  For more information about becoming a Wok Star visit www.eleanorhoh.com.