AG Pick: Williams Selyem 2006 Bucher Vineyard Pinot Noir

I first wrote about Williams Selyem wines in September after receiving some exciting news.  The Russian River Valley winery produces such small quantities of wine that they limit how much they sell, and to whom they sell.  In order to purchase their wines directly, you have to be on “the List.”  And there’s a waiting list to get on the List.  Last fall, one year after signing up for the List, I finally made the cut and was able to place my first order!

williams selyemLast weekend I opened the first bottle from that shipment, a 2006 Bucher Vineyard Pinot Noir.  It’s aged for 15 months in barrels that are 69% new and 31% 1-year old.

The wine is bright cranberry red in color.  Aromas of cherry, strawberry, spice and root beer give you a hint of the multi-dimensional taste to come.  The flavor is concentrated yet delicate.  Cherry, strawberry and mocha fill your mouth.  Gentle tannins round out the taste, followed by a warm and lingering finish.

With Williams Selyem wines, you get what you pay for.  A luscious, layered Pinot Noir is fairly expensive.  This bottle cost $54.  Their other Pinot Noirs range from $30 to $70.  But for a special occasion, it’s worth splurging.  Just a warning — drinking Williams Selyem will ruin you on Pinot Noir and you won’t be able to drink less expensive ones ever again!

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