AG Pick: 2007 Williams Selyem Central Coast Pinot Noir

Williams Selyem makes my favorite Pinot Noir in California.  Period.

That’s really all I need to say about this Russian River Valley winery.  Since my first taste of their Pinot several years ago, I have been a devoted fan.  No matter the vineyard, each bottle I’ve opened has been incredibly delicious.  It’s the kind of wine that makes you smile and go “ahh” after every sip.

Just like with Champagne, it’s impossible to be sad when you’re drinking a Williams Selyem wine.

Williams Selyem Pinot NoirThough I’ve written about Williams Selyem a couple of times in the past, I was inspired to write about the 2007 Central Coast Pinot Noir after opening a bottle last night.

This Pinot Noir comes from the Vista Verde Vineyard located a couple of miles southeast of Hollister, near the small town of Tres Pinos in San Benito County.  It is barrel aged for 11 months and was released in Spring 2009.

This Pinot is so fun to drink because there is so much going on in your glass.  Your first smell of the cloudy, raspberry-red wine will get you excited for the flavors to come.  On the nose are aromas of fresh strawberry preserves, pie cherries, truffles, cardamom and spice.  The palate expands with flavors of cherry, pomegranate, raspberry and stewed rhubarb that are interwoven with notes of root beer, cola, fennel and morel mushrooms.  Rich and slightly aggressive tannins help to carry the balanced acidity that follows long into the silky finish.

Winemaker Bob Cabral says this is probably the best Central Coast he has assembled in 11 vintages.  Though I haven’t tasted enough of Williams Selyem’s Central Coast Pinots to be able to comment, I can say this is an exceptional wine.

Williams Selyem makes a variety of Pinot Noir that generally range from $30 to $60.  A bottle of the 2007 Williams Selyem Central Coast Pinot Noir costs $34.  Williams Selyem also makes Zinfandel, Chardonnay and late harvest wines.

Though you’ll occasionally find Williams Selyem wines at boutique wine shops, the easiest way to buy a bottle is to join The List.  Signing up is free.  After a 9 to 12 month waiting period you’ll be able to purchase their wines.  The longer you are a member of the list, the larger your allotment of wine.  I’ve been a member for just over a year and look forward to the emails about the latest releases.

Speaking of, my latest shipment should be arriving any day now!