Cup-Free Inhalable Coffee

There’s a new way to get your coffee fix any time of day without burning your mouth or staining your teeth.

Le WhifIntroducing Le Whif, a coffee that you drink by breathing.  With Le Whif you inhale the coffee into your mouth (in the form of hundreds of milligrams of tiny particles), and taste it without swallowing or chewing.  Perhaps best of all, you get a kick of caffeine without any calories.

Le Whif was developed by Harvard Professor David Edwards in collaboration with students, designers, engineers and entrepreneurs.  It uses particle engineering to form particles of natural food substances that are small enough to become airborne though too large to enter the lungs.

Each Le Whif has about 100 mg of caffeine, similar to drinking a light espresso.

If chocolate is more your thing, Le Whif makes inhalable chocolate as well.  Since each Le Whif has less than 1 calorie, you’ll get all the taste without any guilt.  In addition to chocolate Le Whif comes in raspberry chocolate and mint chocolate flavors.

A three-pack of Le Whif costs around $7.  To learn more about Le Whif and to purchase it visit

Image from Le Whif’s website