AG Pick: Waterstone Study in Blue 2007

When trying to describe the fruit flavors in a red wine it may help to start with identifying the color that best matches the taste. You might think of a lighter bodied wine like Pinot Noir as being “red,” and from there say it has red fruit flavors of cherries, strawberries or raspberries. A medium bodied wine might be “purple,” with flavors like plum and boysenberry. A full bodied wine might be “black,” with black cherries, blackberries and black currant.

“Blue” would be the descriptor for the Waterstone Study in Blue 2007 — though of course the name gives it away. This red blend from California’s Napa Valley was so named because of its blueberry aromas and blue-purple color.

The Study in Blue 2007 is 65% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Syrah and 10% Merlot sourced from hillside vineyards throughout the Napa Valley. The wine was fermented in stainless steel, then aged for 24 months in 80% new small French oak barrels.

Blueberry aromas hit your nose first, followed by blackberries and woodsmoke. These smoky berry flavors are further expressed on the palate, layered with flavors of ripe black plum, cedar, nutmeg and black pepper. Elegant and silky in the mouth with gentle tannins, the wine finishes smooth with lingering berry flavors.

Rich without being heavy, the Study in Blue has the finesse its artistic name suggests.

The Waterstone Study in Blue pairs well with grilled meats, lamb shank, steak au poivre or braised duck.

A bottle of the Waterstone Study in Blue 2007 costs $45.

alcohol 14.5% by volume

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