Vinturi Aerator Availble in Travel Size

A great gadget for enhancing red wine is now even better — the Vinturi Aerator is available in a travel-friendly size.

Narrower than the original Vinturi Aerator but still incorporating the same aeration technique, the Vinturi Travel allows you to enjoy better wine when you’re away from home.  Measuring 5 ½ inches and weighing 4 ounces (including its travel case), the Vinturi Travel can fit into a bag or coat pocket.

The Vinturi works by mixing the right amount of air with the wine.  As the wine is poured through the Vinturi and into the glass it instantly opens up.  Compare the wine before and after and you’ll notice the wine that passed through the Vinturi has fuller flavors and a smoother finish.

Whether you’re traveling out of town or want to enjoy a glass of wine outdoors, the Vinturi Travel makes it easier to enhance your red wine experience wherever you go.

The Vinturi Travel Aerator is available online from the Wine Enthusiast for $35.99.

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