ABK6: Cognac for a New Generation

Flashy labels. A name derived from typing. A blend specially created for sipping on the rocks. This isn’t your grandfather’s Cognac. With a mix of tradition and modernity, ABK6 is bringing the French spirit to a new generation. It starts with the name — ABK6 is one of those internet short-hands, like OMG or LOL. […]

A Visit to Hennessy

You can’t talk about Cognac without mentioning Hennessy. It is the big daddy of Cognac, making up 43% of Cognac production. As a comparison, the next largest producer is Remy Martin at 17 percent. Hennessy dominates the market, but also makes it possible for the smaller producers to exist.  Hennessy buys a large portion of […]

Cognac Cocktails

Forget your preconceived notions on how Cognac can be enjoyed. Certainly a glass goes well after dinner, with chocolate or with cigars. But if you only drink Cognac neat, you are missing out. In the pre-Prohibition United States, Cognac was often used as an ingredient in cocktails like the Sidecar or Mint Julep. While other […]