Colomé and Amalaya: Wines from Salta, Argentina

There is more to Argentina’s wine than just Mendoza. You’re missing out if you don’t venture beyond the country’s best-known region. Today we’re focusing on Salta. This region is located in the north of Argentina and is characterized by its mountainous terrain. Here you’ll find some of the highest elevation vineyards in the world. For a […]

Guide to Cahors Wineries

Here is your go-to guide on Cahors Malbec. For a taste that will make you fall in love with Cahors Malbec try wines from these domaines and châteaux. The wines from each estate are generally listed beginning with entry level (easy to drink, less oak and aging, lower price point) to top of the line […]

Wine Trends for 2013

Want to discover new wines and stay ahead of the latest trends? Here’s what the Amateur Gastronomer predicts will be big in 2013: Wines from the Languedoc The wine region to watch in 2013 is the Languedoc. This region in southern France is producing exceptional wine at great values. The Languedoc is located along the […]

The Big Bold Taste of Tannat

Red wine doesn’t get any bigger than Tannat.  It’s big in flavor, big in tannins and big in alcohol. Tannat is grown in southwest France though today you’ll often find it from Uruguay, where it’s considered the national grape.  Around the world Tannat is used mainly as a blending grape, rarely as a single varietal […]