The Perfect Marinade for Grilling

Planning on firing up the grill for the 4th of July?  Try my simple and delicious marinade that tastes great on lamb or beef.  It’s always a hit with my family and friends — I guarantee yours will love it too! Be sure to scroll down for some helpful grilling tips. Here’s what you’ll need: […]

Something Offal is Going On

Something offal is going on in Atlanta.  When I visited the city a couple of months ago, many of the highly recommended restaurants had some sort of out of the ordinary animal offering. Vegetarians, consider yourself warned.  You may not want to read beyond this point. Offal is defined as the various non-skeletal muscle parts […]

Tour de Beef at DeBragga & Spitler

For years I’d heard the term “dry aged” mentioned at steak houses but wasn’t too familiar with what it meant.  As someone who likes to use the freshest ingredients available when I cook, I didn’t understand why you’d want to eat a piece of meat that had been left out for a month, sometimes more.  […]

Great Bites at 8 oz. Burger Bar

With overpriced and underwhelming steak restaurants opening up in South Florida on what seems like a monthly basis, it’s nice to see a new restaurant keep beef uncomplicated and affordable — and most importantly, tasting good. 8 oz. Burger Bar in Miami Beach does just that.  Executive Chef Govind Armstrong (best known in SoBe as […]

AG Pick Under $10: Alamos Malbec

I’m in a South American wine phase right now. Argentina and Chile are producing many great wines that cost much less than wines made here in the United States. Many of the red wines have an earthy taste characteristic of Old World wines, a quality I really like when pairing wine with beef or lamb. […]