A Shellfish Feast

One of my favorite meals was lunch on our final day in Paris. I had spent the entire week roaming all over the city, in search of the best restaurants and cafes in each arrondissement. So it was a surprise to find one of the tastiest spots right in our own hotel! We stayed at […]

Strolling on the Ile Saint-Louis

It’s in the middle of Paris, yet many visitors I’ve spoken with say they’re not familiar with it. The Ile Saint-Louis is a small island in the Seine right next to the Ile de la Cite. To get there, walk around the back of Notre Dame and you’ll see a small bridge connecting the two […]

Le Louvre et Le Fumoir

It’s 2pm and I’m having a late lunch at a restaurant called Le Fumoir. I came here in February 2003, thanks to the recommendations of my mom and sister who found it the summer before. I’m sitting in the bar area, in a comfy brown leather armchair. It’s a cozy and intimate restaurant, enhanced by […]

Beaucoup de Foie Gras

It’s my fourth day in Paris and I’m proud to say it’s my fourth consecutive day eating foie gras. I don’t like the concept of force-feeding a duck or goose, but it tastes so good! And besides, I’m in France where they prepare it best. To not try it here would be an insult to […]