Left Coast Cellars 2014 White Pinot Noir

Here at the Amateur Gastronomer we love finding new and special wines to share. Today we’re talking about the Left Coast Cellars 2014 White Pinot Noir. A White Pinot Noir? Yes! This is a white wine made from Pinot Noir grapes. There’s a good chance you’ve tasted a white Pinot Noir before, though in its […]

A Passion for Terroir at St. Innocent

To hear president and winemaker Mark Vlossak talk about the wines of St. Innocent is like listening to a conductor describe conducting a symphony. Each element in crafting a wine has its own role, whether it’s the grape, soil, weather, yeast or oak (new barrels, used barrels or none). When the winemaker brings together the […]

Big Table Farm: Wines from Oregon’s Willamette Valley

By Robin Alix Austin It is impossible to meet Brian Marcy and Clare Carver and not fall in love with Big Table Farm. The winemaker/artist team produces outstanding wines from their 70 acre farm in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. The name comes from a desire to provide a gracious and welcoming table for enjoying handcrafted wine […]