Atlanta Starbucks to Sell Beer & Wine

Starbucks has long been the destination for a morning pick me up but soon it could be a happy hour spot as well. The Seattle-based coffee company announced that it will be adding beer and wine to four to six of its Atlanta locations in 2012, according to the Reuters article published today. Atlanta will […]

Cup-Free Inhalable Coffee

There’s a new way to get your coffee fix any time of day without burning your mouth or staining your teeth. Introducing Le Whif, a coffee that you drink by breathing.  With Le Whif you inhale the coffee into your mouth (in the form of hundreds of milligrams of tiny particles), and taste it without […]

A Pasion for Coffee

If you’re very particular about your coffee and your typical order takes an entire sentence to explain there’s a new coffee shop for you.  At Pasión del Cielo you order you drink exactly how you want it — right down to the coffee beans. Pasión del Cielo is located off Miracle Mile in Coral Gables.  […]

My Daily Grind: Cafe Milagro Dark Roast

My favorite coffee to brew and drink at home is Café Milagro’s Dark Roast. I discovered Café Milagro last December during a trip to Costa Rica. The café was located a short walk away from my hotel in Manuel Antonio. I went there almost every day; I had their coffee with the traditional Tico breakfast […]

My Favorite Mocha

One drink I cannot live without is my grande nonfat no whip mocha from Starbucks.  Espresso tastes much better when there’s chocolate – though like any chocolate lover I’d tell you pretty much everything tastes better when there’s chocolate. My absolute favorite mocha is served at a chocolate shop and cafe in Cambridge called L.A. […]

Cuban Coffee in Miami

I’m back in Miami and I’ve been craving an afternoon espresso. While in Paris I had at least one each afternoon, so I guess you could say I’m having a little bit of caffeine withdrawal. It comes as no surprise that the best coffee in Miami is Cuban coffee. I don’t usually put sugar in […]

A Cafe Culture

In London you have pub culture, in Paris it’s the café culture. Hundreds of cafes line the streets of the city. They’re great spots to meet friends for coffee or to sit by yourself and people watch. It’s my last day in Paris and I’m feeling like a real Parisian. It’s a rainy afternoon, I’ve […]

Istanbul: Day 1

The Sights, Sounds and Tastes Along the Bosphorus We arrived in Istanbul 5 hours later than scheduled after an unplanned stop in Paris so we hit the ground running. Our first stop was the Egyptian Spice Bazaar. It’s a long hallway of bright colors and even brighter personalities peddling their hundreds of varieties of Turkish […]