AG Pick Under $10: The Spanish Quarter 2007 Chardonnay-Albarino

Looking for a blend of old and new at a great price?  Try the Spanish Quarter 2007 Chardonnay-Albariño.  This Spanish white wine is an aromatic and lively combination of the native Spanish white grape varietal and the relative newcomer to Spain.

Spanish QuarterAlbariño is mainly grown in northwest Spain and can also be found in Portugal (there called Alvarinho).  It produces light bodied white wines that are generally high in acidity and have notes of peach and apricot.  Albariño wines pair well with antipasto, paella, cheese and seafood.

In the Spanish Quarter, the Albariño contributes intense floral aromas and bright acidity while the Chardonnay gives the wine a rich mouthfeel and tropical fruit flavors.

The wine is straw-green in color with a fragrant floral nose of exotic fruits.  The palate has highlights of ripe peach, tropical fruit, spice and a long, clean citrus finish.

This wine pairs well with seafood, chicken, rice dishes and vegetables.

A bottle of the 2007 Spanish Quarter Chardonnay-Albariño costs $9.99.