AG Pick Under $20: 2007 Familia Zuccardi Santa Julia Tardio

Kick off the weekend with something sweet!  My pick for a sweet sip: the 2007 Familia Zuccardi Santa Julia Tardio.  It is a late harvest wine from Argentina made from Torrontés grapes.

Familia Zuccardi TardioNot familiar with Torrontés?  Just like Malbec is Argentina’s characteristic red varietal, Torrontés is the country’s characteristic white varietal.  Torrontés produces fresh and aromatic wines that are meant to be enjoyed young.

Tardio is the first late harvest Torrontés I’ve tasted and it made me a big fan.  Pale gold in color, Tardio is sweet without being overly so, and is not syrupy like other dessert wines.

Aromas of stone fruit and white flowers introduce flavors of apricots, figs and orange peel with luscious notes of honey woven throughout.  Silky in mouthfeel with balanced acidity, the wine has a long and complex finish.

Enjoy Tardio with fresh fruit, dessert, or on its own after a satisfying meal.

A 500ml bottle of the 2007 Familia Zuccardi Santa Julia Tardio costs $16.