Salt Block Experience at Park Tavern

Looking for a fun date with your sweetheart?  Think salt – the Salt Block Experience at Park Tavern.

The hands-on meal at the Midtown Atlanta restaurant will appeal to all five senses, not just taste.  With the Salt Block Experience you create your own hand rolls using fish and beef that you cook yourself on a super hot Himalayan salt block.

For couples it is a romantic activity; for first dates it is the perfect conversation starter.  And for blind dates, what could be a better ice breaker than a hot salt block?

I was recently invited to try the Salt Block Experience and took my husband as my date.  While toasting to our early Valentine’s Day dinner with sparkling sake, we planned out various strategies for cooking the meat and assembling the rolls.

The meal starts out with a big dish of edamame and a mixed green salad with ginger dressing.  Don’t fill up too much because the big production comes next – and it is big.  After the salt block, screaming hot from the oven is placed on your table, a whole host of plates and bowls follow.  There’s Wagyu beef and Hawaiian sashimi grade tuna, salmon and wahoo, plus seaweed, rice and a ton of toppings – avocado, jalapeños, cilantro, cucumbers and more.

The concept of the Salt Block Experience is simple enough.  You select your fish or meat, place it on the salt block, then let it cook to your desired doneness.  The meat comes seasoned with spices and the salt block adds an extra touch of flavor.  The fun comes when it’s time to decide what meat you’re going to cook, and then what extras you’ll add to create your hand roll. There’s plenty to choose from so you can play around with a variety of combinations.

The meal became a friendly competition for my husband and me.  With each new hand roll we tried to create the perfectly seared piece of meat and select the best-matched toppings.  I tried to make my hand rolls look neat and colorful; my husband preferred to load up the seaweed, resulting in much of the roll’s contents falling onto his plate after the first bite.

If you have room for dessert after your hand roll extravaganza, I recommend ordering the molten lava cake.  Rich and chocolaty with an oozing warm fudge center, it’s a sweet exclamation point at the end of your salt experience.

The good thing about dining at Park Tavern is that the night doesn’t have to end when your check arrives.  Just a few steps away is the ice skating rink, open through the end of February.

The Salt Block Experience, available at Park Tavern
500 10th Street Northeast, Midtown Atlanta  (404) 249-0001
$29 per person

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  1. I got a salt block as a gift, with no idea what to do with it…I found as a great site with fun videos and recipes…I will love trying this for my date …entertainment at its best!

  2. Couple weeks ago I discovered for myself the Himalayan salt and how helpful it on . And Yesterday I bought a salt lamp :-). My next purchase will be the salt block. My husband and I have to visit the restaurant where they cook with them … Thank you for the article. Your experience was very useful for me.

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