Rocks for Your “On the Rocks” Drink

Scotch, Whisky and even soda fans take note —  the next time you want a drink “on the rocks” you can actually enjoy it on the rocks.

This set of granite drink chillers is a great gift for anyone who enjoys fine spirits.  Beyond their visual appeal, the stones are an excellent alternative to ice cubes because they will keep any beverage cool without diluting the flavor.

To enjoy a drink on the rocks: chill the stones in the freezer, then add one or two to your favorite beverage.  In just a few minutes your drink will be the right temperature.

Each set comes with six granite pieces that were hand crafted from stones collected on New England beaches.  The accompanying hardwood tray can be used for freezing and serving.

The stones are dishwasher safe which makes for easy cleanup.

The “On the Rocks” granite stone set costs $30 and is available online at

image from Uncommon Goods