Riedel & Graffigna Introduce First Ever Malbec Glass

Steak isn’t the only pairing with a Malbec from Argentina. The South American red wine’s new best match: the Malbec glass from Riedel.

Riedel Malbec glassThe specially-shaped glass was unveiled Tuesday in Atlanta at a small tasting at ONE. midtown kitchen, following similar events around the country.

The first ever Malbec glass is a special partnership between Riedel and Bodegas Graffigna, one of Argentina’s oldest wineries.

As Federico Lleonart, Global Wine Ambassador from Argentina explained, the Malbec glass was more than one year in the making. Riedel and Graffigna started with 16 different shapes, then narrowed it down to five. Over the course of multiple tastings – with Graffigna Malbecs and Malbecs from all over Argentina – one glass stood out for its ability to bring out the optimal aromas, taste and experience of Argentine Malbec.

What makes this glass perfect for Malbec? The wider bowl and the narrower rim heighten and concentrate the aromas, particularly the red and black fruit notes. As you sip, the narrow rim directs the wine to the center of the tongue, targeting specific taste buds and sensations.

Altogether, the shape of the Malbec glass enhances the wine’s fruit forwardness and fresh flavors, the sweet and smooth tannins, and the silky texture.

Does the Riedel Malbec glass really make that much difference in the smell and taste of Argentine Malbec? The answer – a resounding yes.

Malbec glass tastingIn an experiment you can try at home, the participants at Tuesday’s event tasted the same Graffigna Malbec in three different glasses: a Pinot Noir glass, a Cabernet glass and the Malbec glass (pictured, left to right). The Pinot Noir glass made it difficult to smell the fruit aromas of the wine, and brought out a dusty quality in the taste. The Cabernet glass, while bringing out more fruit notes, gave off more oaky notes and made the tannins harder. It was a completely different experience drinking Malbec from the Malbec glass – the aroma was fresh fruit-focused, and the taste, texture and tannins came together in perfect harmony when the wine was sipped.

If you want to be among the first wine fans to own the Malbec glass, the glasses are only available through Graffigna Wines for the next six months. Visit www.themalbec.com to purchase a set.

Riedel makes a variety of grape-specific wine glasses. To view their entire collection visit www.riedelusa.net.

Graffigna is located north of Mendoza in San Juan, and was the first winery founded in San Juan in 1870. Their wines are imported by Pernod Ricard USA. For more information visit www.graffignawines.com.