Pearl Oyster Bar’s Lobster Roll

After hearing about my love of lobster rolls, a friend said I had to try the one at Pearl Oyster Bar in Manhattan’s West Village. Earlier this week I took the subway down to West 4th Street to try one for myself.

During my senior year of high school and in college, the West Village was the place to hang out with my friends. We had a favorite restaurant there (mainly because they didn’t card us when we ordered drinks), and we all bought fake IDs at a store there. Since graduating I haven’t spent as much time in the West Village but I always enjoy checking out the boutiques and restaurants.

Pearl Oyster Bar is located on Cornelia Street, one of the quieter streets in the West Village. Stepping inside it feels like you’ve been transported to New England. The décor has a charming seaside town feel. Exposed brick walls, warm lighting, simple wooden tables and framed illustrations of shells create a cozy environment.

I started with fried oysters. They came served on the half shell, with a layer of tartar sauce separating the shell from the oyster. Biting in, the oyster was crunchy and juicy, though if it had been fried a little less the great flavor of the oyster could come out more.

Next came the main event: the lobster roll. It was served on a brioche roll with a generous serving of shoestring fries. The roll had giant chunks of fresh lobster, mostly tail meat with a few pieces from the claw. The meat was held together with a little too much mayonnaise; other than that, there was no filler.

If I hadn’t spent my summers eating lobster rolls at the Market Place Raw Bar, I’d think this would be my favorite. The ones at the Raw Bar are about three times as big, a few dollars less expensive and have much more claw meat, which is my favorite. I do prefer Pearl Oyster Bar’s bun which has a sweeter taste. But as far as New York City goes, it is certainly hard to top Pearl Oyster Bar’s lobster roll.

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