A Pasion for Coffee

If you’re very particular about your coffee and your typical order takes an entire sentence to explain there’s a new coffee shop for you.  At Pasión del Cielo you order you drink exactly how you want it — right down to the coffee beans.

pasion del cieloPasión del Cielo is located off Miracle Mile in Coral Gables.  Whether you’re ordering coffee, espresso or cappuccino you can choose among eleven coffee beans from different countries in the Western Hemisphere.

Maintaining the unique characteristic of each country’s bean is part of Pasión del Cielo’s mission.  That’s why the beans are never mixed.  If you’re looking for a big flavor try Brazil; for a milder taste go for Honduras; if you like a lot of acidity try Mexico.  Hawaiian and Jamaican coffee beans cost a little extra.

pasion del cieloThe choice can be a bit intimidating.  On my first trip to Pasión del Cielo I was worried I was holding up the line while trying to make up my mind (I ended up going for beans from Costa Rica, a nice complement to the chocolate in my mocha).  Fortunately the varying intensities of the aroma, flavor, body and acidity of each are noted on the wall of beans behind the bar.  It’s fun to look at even after you’ve made your selection.

Besides coffee, Pasión del Cielo offers other drinks and standard coffee shop fare — muffins, pastries, desserts and pre-made sandwiches.  Pasión del Cielo is also passionate about the environment.  Coffee cups and sleeves are made from corn and recycled paper.

Pasión del Cielo is a great spot to meet for coffee or relax with a book on one of the comfy couches.  You can also bring your laptop and use the free WiFi.  The early opening and late closing times during weekdays make Pasión del Cielo ideal for your first cup of the day or an evening jolt of java.

Pasión del Cielo is located at 100 Giralda Avenue in Coral Gables.  It’s open from 6am to 11pm Monday through Friday.  On the weekends Pasión del Cielo opens at 8am and closes early on Sunday, at 6pm.  For more information visit pasioncoffee.com.