Oktoberfest in Miami: Part Two

What could be better than clinking giant beer mugs with new friends while singing along to “Ein Prosit” once every 10 minutes?

This weekend Hofbrau hosted its own Oktoberfest in a big white tent at Bayfront Park in downtown Miami. You may remember I went to Hofbrau on Miami Beach last month for my own celebration.

The festival atmosphere was complete with a full German band, dressed in their finest lederhosen. Between such crowd pleasers as “YMCA” and “We are the Champions,” they played “Ein Prosit.” It starts with these words meaning “a toast,” and includes another German word that I can’t spell or pronounce, and am not quite sure what it means. It was fun to raise our glasses after every two songs or so and (attempt to) sing along.

Men and women dressed in traditional garb also performed choreographed routines to traditional Bavarian music. Some Oktoberfest-goers joined them, doing their own interpretations of German folk dancing – fueled I’m sure by several rounds of beer.

Within minutes of sitting down I had a liter of beer in my hand. There was only one type of beer, Hofbrau’s Oktoberfest. It’s light in color with a crisp, clean taste. It went well with the salty foods served in the tent. It packs a punch with 6.3% alcohol.

I ordered the currywurst and a plate of sauerkraut, which came out quickly. Currywurst is pork sausage covered in a brown sauce that’s a mixture of curry powder and tomato paste. It was served with deliciously crisp french fries that tasted great when dipped in the sauce. The sauerkraut was piled high on a Styrofoam plate. It was flavored with caraway seeds and bay leaves. After eating way more than I should have I left very full and with “Ein Prosit” stuck in my head.

I’m still hoping to celebrate Oktoberfest in Germany next year but celebrating in Miami was a really fun alternative.