My Favorite Mocha

One drink I cannot live without is my grande nonfat no whip mocha from Starbucks.  Espresso tastes much better when there’s chocolate – though like any chocolate lover I’d tell you pretty much everything tastes better when there’s chocolate.

My absolute favorite mocha is served at a chocolate shop and cafe in Cambridge called L.A. Burdick.  It’s a company based in Walpole, New Hampshire, the location of their only other café.  I tried their mocha for the first time on a brisk New England fall day.  It was at once warming and filling.  It’s so thick you feel as if you’re drinking a warm milkshake.  It makes Starbucks’ mochas seem like you’re drinking water.

It was sunny and warm when I stopped in last Saturday.  Still, I had to order a mocha.  L.A. Burdick’s mochas are made with cocoa powder instead of chocolate syrup, and come out nice and frothy.  The flavor is so rich and chocolaty, it doesn’t taste like there’s any espresso in it.  I ordered mine with skim milk but it tasted just as thick and creamy as if it were made with whole milk.  This is not something you grab and drink on the run; you need to savor it.  It’s too rich to drink quickly.  I actually had to get a glass of water to drink along with it.  Like a rich chocolate dessert, you need something to wash it down.

L.A. Burdick sells all sorts of chocolates as well, some in the shape of animals.  My favorites are the white and dark chocolate penguins and the mice that come complete with silk tails.  You may not always be able to stop in for a delicious mocha, but at least you can have their tasty chocolates shipped directly to your home.

L.A. Burdick is located in Harvard Square, on Brattle Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts.