Spice up your Beer — the Michelada

If you like beer and all things spicy, the Michelada is the perfect drink for you.

I first tried a Michelada during a trip to Akumal, a small town along Mexico’s Mayan Riviera. It’s a community with friendly locals, great snorkeling, and a charming loncheria with the best tortillas and mole sauce I’ve ever had. I ordered a Michelada on one of my first nights there. It has the pleasant carbonation of beer along with the fresh and sour taste of lime. But it’s the spicy kick at the end that’s really satisfying and makes the drink so good.

Micheladas are easy to make. The basic ingredients are beer, lime juice, Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco sauce. Some Micheladas have soy sauce or Maggi seasoning as well. In Mexico I ordered my Micheladas with Leon Negra beer, which I haven’t seen sold in the U.S. I recommend making them with Negra Modelo, or Corona if you prefer lighter beers.

I like making my own Micheladas at home not just because they’re tasty and easy, but because they transport me back to my wonderful time in Akumal. The flavor reminds me of great meals with fresh salsa and even fresher seafood. I use about ¼ cup of lime juice (the kind that comes in those green plastic bottles works fine if you don’t have fresh limes), a few drops of Worcestershire sauce and a few drops of Tabasco sauce (more if you like it really spicy). Pour in the beer and you’ve got a delicious south of the border treat!