Yolk Art: Magic Egg Shaper

Why have a basic hard boiled egg when you can have one that’s shaped like a heart, square, star or flower?

With the Bento Buzz Magic Egg Shaper you can turn an ordinary egg into an extraordinary (or eggs-traordinary) dish.  Hard boiling eggs has never been so fun!

Though the Magic Egg Shaper is advertised as ideal for Bento boxes, you don’t need to create a Japanese-style meal to enjoy it.  With the mold you can make great additions to any salad or sandwich, or enjoy the eggs on their own.  They’re sure to add pizazz to any school or work lunch.

It’s easy to create cute looking eggs with the Magic Egg Shaper.  Using 6 eggs, separate the whites from the yolks, pouring the egg whites into each of the four containers.  Close the four covers of the container to create space for the yolk.  Place the mold in boiling water for 15 minutes to cook the whites, then remove the covers and pour in the yolk.  Place the mold in boiling water for another 10 minutes, then let the eggs cool before slicing and eating.

The Bento Buzz Magic Egg Shaper is available online at CasaBento.com for €21.99 (about $29).  The online store which is full of great Bento boxes and accessories ships to most countries.

Photos from CasaBento.com