Dry Aged Steak Made Easy with Lobel’s Home Delivery

You don’t forget the first time you taste dry aged steak.  Rich and almost creamy with a tangy and nutty flavor, dry aged steak is decadent and delicious.

There’s really no comparison between a wet aged steak (the kind you’ll find in most supermarkets) and a dry aged steak.  It’s like grape juice versus Bordeaux Grand Cru.

Steak (the wet aged kind), is a rare treat for my husband and me so when I was offered a dry aged steak from Lobel’s of New York I couldn’t wait for our special delivery.

With five generations of master butchers and meat purveryors, the Lobel family knows quality meat.  From their shop on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Lobel’s has been providing meat to New Yorkers for 60 years.  They also have a shop in the new Yankee Stadium where they offer cuts of beef and steak sandwiches.

Lobel’s meat comes from the top 2% of USDA certified prime beef, from corn-fed cattle in the Midwest.  Lobel’s beef is dry aged for up to six weeks which tenderizes the meat and intensifies its flavors.

Lobel’s now delivers to all 50 states, making it easier than ever to enjoy a dry aged steak in your own home.  Ordering from the butcher shop’s website is simple; the hardest part is deciding which cuts to choose.  The meat is shipped overnight in individually vacuum-sealed packages that can withstand up to 48 hours of unrefrigerated shipping.  Lobel’s guarantees that their meat is fresh and never frozen.

My Porterhouse steak arrived right on time, in a Styrofoam cooler filled with frozen gel packs.  In the vacuum-sealed package the meat was slightly brown in color but turned pink shortly after it was exposed to the air.

After marinating the steak in Worcestershire sauce for several hours it was time to fire up the grill.  My husband and I cooked the steak until it was medium rare, let it rest for a few minutes, then took our first bite.

The meat was so tender it seemed to melt in my mouth.  It was so flavorful I could have skipped the Worcestershire marinade.  Intense and earthy, the steak had a rich taste that was reminiscent of blue cheese.

Hands down, Lobel’s dry aged Porterhouse was the best steak I have ever cooked.

Eating slowly so that our dinner would last longer, my husband and I savored every bite.

In just a few steps (order, unpack, marinate, grill), my husband and I were able to enjoy a delicious dry aged steak.  You don’t need to be a grilling expert to pull off this feat — with meat of such a high quality, it’s practically impossible for you to create a meal that’s anything less than extraordinary.

Lobel’s offers a variety of beef, lamb, pork, sausage, specialty foods and more.  Visit lobels.com for more information and to order.

Editor’s Note: A 22 oz. USDA Prime Porterhouse was provided gratis by Lobel’s of New York.

image of raw steak from Lobel’s website