A Cool Way to Chill Your Wine

Forget the traditional boring ice bucket for keeping your wine cool.  Instead, design your own!

Introducing the Nice Ice Cooler, an eye-catching way to keep a bottle of wine, Champagne or vodka chilled.  All you need is water, a freezer and some creativity.

The Nice Ice Cooler is an ice bucket mold that fits most bottles of wine, water and spirits.  To make a one of a kind ice bucket just fill the mold with water, add in optional ornaments like plastic decorations, fruit or food coloring, then freeze it for approximately 24 hours.  Once out on display the cooler will last for about six hours at 70ºF.

Don’t worry about melting ice getting your table wet.  The Nice Ice Cooler has a stainless steel base that stays on to collect the water.

Your unique ice bucket is sure to add pizazz to any party or give a festive feel to dinner any night of the week.

The Nice Ice Cooler costs $24.95 and is available online at WineEnthusiast.com.

photo from WineEnthusiast.com