Gift Ideas for Wine, Beer & Spirits Fans

Finding that perfect gift for the wine, beer or spirits fan is just a few clicks away. Here are the Amateur Gastronomer’s picks for this holiday season:

Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses

musical wine glassesMake music with your Merlot! These glasses hold 25 oz. of wine or non-alcoholic beverages, large enough to play a full A-major scale. The musical notes are labeled with sandblasted fill lines. Just pour or drink to the desired note, then run a moistened finger along the rim. The glasses are made from lead-free crystal and are dishwasher safe.
$65 for set of 2 glasses, available online at

Six-Pack Bike Bag

wine bike bagThere’s a new way to tote wine, beer, sodas and more when biking to a picnic or party. This durable canvas bag has six pockets that can hold all the essentials, and Velcro to secure both sides of the pack together underneath the crossbar. The dividers keep bottles and glasses cushioned while on the move. Please drink responsibly when riding a bike.
$69, available online at

SPARQ Wine Pearls

SPARQ wine pearlsKeep your wine or cocktail chilled without diluting it or affecting the flavor. SPARQ wine pearls are made from hand polished stainless steel. Put them in the freezer for four hours to chill them, then add two per drink. The wine pearls will hold their temperature outside of the freezer for approximately 45 minutes.
$30 for a set of 4, available online at Can be personalized for $40, available online at


ChillsnerFrom the makers of the Corkcicle comes the Chillsner, an in-bottle, drink-through beer chiller. Just freeze for 45 minutes, take a sip of your beer to make room for the Chillsner, then insert and press firmly to create a tight seal. Four flow vents allow the beer to flow smoothly. The Chillsner keeps its cool thanks to a gel that easily freezes, and its stainless steel frame makes it sturdy and easy to wash.
$29.95 for a set of 2, available online at

Mason Shaker

Mason ShakerGive your cocktails a southern shake with this unique four-piece cocktail shaker. The 32 oz. mason jar comes with a stainless steel top that screws on for easy shaking, straining and storing. The inspiration for the shaker came from two best friends who were raised in the south and wanted to stay true to their southern roots.
$29, available online at or in store in Atlanta at The Cook’s Warehouse.

Molecular Mixology Cocktail Set

molecular mixology setCombine cocktails and chemistry for tasty tipples! These molecular mixology sets let you put a new spin on mojitos, margaritas and cosmopolitans. Try them deconstructed, topped with foam, or with “caviar” bubbles that burst with flavor. Each set comes with recipes, tools, additives and silicone molds. Add your own liquor and ingredients.
$30 for each kit or $85 for set of all three, available online at

Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds

Tovolo ice moldThe ultimate tool for Whisky or Scotch fans, this mold produces two large round balls of ice that are perfect for keeping drinks chilled without watering them down. Just fill the molds with water and freeze them for approximately 4 hours. They’re stackable for easy storage in the freezer. The molds are made of BPA free plastic and have a silicone cap, and are dishwasher safe.
$10.95 for a set of 2, available online at or at in store locations in Atlanta.

images from sellers’ websites