Farm Mobile: Atlanta’s New Meat Truck

For the farm-to-table fan, there’s a new way to purchase locally raised organic meat.  Announcing Farm Mobile, an on-the-move market now parking at a location near you.

Think of Farm Mobile like one of the increasingly popular food trucks that post their location on Twitter.  Only instead of serving up lunch or snacks, Farm Mobile offers organic beef, pork and eggs, all fresh from the farm and ready for your kitchen.

The meat truck is run by Riverview Farms, a certified organic family farm located in northwest Georgia.  At 200 acres, it’s one of the largest (and oldest) certified organic farms in the state.  Riverview Farms cultivates vegetables, Berkshire pork and grass-fed beef, and supplies a handful of Atlanta restaurants.

To find out where Farm Mobile is headed, follow @grassfedcow on Twitter.  When you arrive at the location look for the white and yellow truck.  The farm’s label will be on the truck soon.  Inside the truck has the feel of a farm stand, with shelves on both sides for the produce and a large cooler for the meat.

Update: I made my first visit to Farm Mobile on January 24th when the truck was parked in Ansley Mall.  From a distance the truck is a bit unassuming; you step inside via the back door to see the selection of meat and produce.  But once inside it’s a great selection — many cuts of beef, chicken, pork, sausages, cheese, eggs and vegetables.  I bought ground beef and Holeman & Finch buns to make burgers, plus some of the best looking collard greens I’ve seen.

The selection of meat and produce will change based on what’s available from the farm as well as consumer demand.

Riverview Farms also offers a vegetable CSA and meat CSA.  For more information on the farm and its CSA programs visit