Cool Kitchen Gadgets: Chef’sChoice Egg Cooker

Okay I admit it, making hard boiled eggs isn’t too complicated — as long as you have the right water temperature and cook the eggs the right amount of time.  But wouldn’t you love to be able to just press a button and have perfectly cooked eggs less than 20 minutes later?

That’s how the Chef’sChoice Egg Cooker works.  It’s an idiot-proof gadget that takes the guesswork out of cooking eggs.  Add water to the base, put up to seven eggs in the tray, cover with the lid and hit the power switch.  The cooker beeps when the eggs are ready.  You can cook the eggs just the way you like them, from soft boiled to hard boiled.  The cooker also comes with a poaching tray that fits three eggs.  Cleanup is quick and easy — just dump out the water and give the tray a light wash.

I’ve cooked eggs many times with the Chef’sChoice Egg Cooker and each time they’ve come out just right.  It’s great to be able to hit a switch and walk away.  No more boiling and poaching eggs on the stove for me!

The Chef’sChoice Egg Cooker costs $39.99.  It’s sold online at, and other websites that sell gadgets for cooks.