Keep Your Wine Chilled with the Corkcicle

There’s a new way to keep your white or rosé wine chilled between pouring glasses. Introducing the Corkcicle, a reusable icicle that you stick inside the wine bottle.

Visually appealing and much smaller than an ice bucket (and less hassle than sticking the bottle back in the refrigerator between pours), the Corkcicle maintains the wine’s temperature without diluting its flavors.

The Corkcicle is filled with a reusable frozen gel and is BPA-free. Just freeze the Corkcicle for at least two hours, then stick it in the wine bottle after you’ve poured the first glass.

Handwash the clear plastic icicle once you are finished and put it back in the freezer so it’s ready for the next time you want to keep a wine cool.

Ideal for white and rosé wines, the Corkcicle may also be used with red wines to bring them down to a more suitable temperature for drinking.

The Corkcicle costs $22.95 and may be purchased online at Uncommon Goods.

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