If You Only Own One Cookbook

If you only own one cookbook I’d recommend “How to Cook Everything” by Mark Bittman.

how to cook everythingThis cookbook has 2,000 recipes that cover anything you could ever want to make.  When I want to know how to prepare an unfamiliar protein or new ways to spice up my favorites I reach for my copy.

Think of this book as a crash course on cooking.  If you’re a novice, you’ll enjoy cooking in no time.

The recipes are straightforward and easy to follow.  There are also sections that explain techniques and how to equip your kitchen.  It’s great for any skill level.

Just a warning to those who like color photos in their cookbooks — there are none in this cookbook.  But at least you don’t have to worry if your finished dish doesn’t look exactly like the photo.

The Hardcover 10th Anniversary Edition of “How to Cook Everything” costs $35.  The paperback edition, released in 2006, costs $21.95.

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