Clos Cibonne Tibouren 2012

One New Year’s resolution that will be easy to keep is a resolution to try new grapes – and new and less familiar grapes are what we love to share at the Amateur Gastronomer.

For our first wine article of 2014 the AG would like to introduce you to Tibouren – the 2012 Clos Cibonne Cuvée Spéciale Tibouren.

Clos Cibonne TibourenTibouren is a red wine grape from Provence, in the south of France. In the Côtes de Provence appellation where Clos Cibonne is located, Tibouren is primarily used as a blending grape, and often overshadowed by Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre and other Rhone varieties.

The Roux family is passionate about preserving this grape. In the 1930s André Roux replaced all of the estate’s Mourvèdre with Tibouren, thinking it to be the ideal grape for the region. The estate even received special permission from the A.O.C. to list the grape on its labels. Today it’s André’s granddaughter and her husband who preserve the tradition of Tibouren.

Flavor and style wise, Tibouren is similar to Grenache. The red wine is light bodied and aromatic, with bright red fruit notes and soft tannins.

The 2012 Clos Cibonne Cuvee Speciale Tibouren has flavors of raspberry, cherry and wild strawberry that are layered with rose, white pepper and a hint of dried thyme.

The Clos Cibonne Cuvée Spéciale is a food-friendly wine. Like Grenache and lighter-bodied Pinot Noir, Tibouren can pair with pork, turkey, chicken, veal and fish. Serve the Tibouren slightly chilled.

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$27, 13% alcohol by volume

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