Keep Your Wine Chilled with the Corkcicle

There’s a new way to keep your white or rosé wine chilled between pouring glasses. Introducing the Corkcicle, a reusable icicle that you stick inside the wine bottle. Visually appealing and much smaller than an ice bucket (and less hassle than sticking the bottle back in the refrigerator between pours), the Corkcicle maintains the wine’s […]

Why Decant Wine?

The holidays are the time of year when you break out the good wine — and that often leads to questions about if and when you should decant a wine. Decanters, while not essential to enjoying wine, are pretty handy tools to have. They can be used for both old and young wines. So why […]

Win a Tapena Party Pack

Let the sunshine of Spain brighten your winter! With the wines of Tapeña you can add a festive feel to any holiday get together. The name says it all. Tapeña is a fusion of “tapas,” the beloved Spanish dishes and dining experience, and “peña,” a gathering of close friends. Together, Tapeña wine with food and […]

Vinturi Aerator Availble in Travel Size

A great gadget for enhancing red wine is now even better — the Vinturi Aerator is available in a travel-friendly size. Narrower than the original Vinturi Aerator but still incorporating the same aeration technique, the Vinturi Travel allows you to enjoy better wine when you’re away from home.  Measuring 5 ½ inches and weighing 4 […]

Yolk Art: Magic Egg Shaper

Why have a basic hard boiled egg when you can have one that’s shaped like a heart, square, star or flower? With the Bento Buzz Magic Egg Shaper you can turn an ordinary egg into an extraordinary (or eggs-traordinary) dish.  Hard boiling eggs has never been so fun! Though the Magic Egg Shaper is advertised […]

Wash Your Reusable Grocery Bags

If you use reusable bags when you shop at the grocery store, be sure to wash them after every couple of uses.  Though they may be good for the environment the bags can pose a risk to your health. According to a safety report by researchers at the University of Arizona and Loma Linda University, […]

A Cool Way to Chill Your Wine

Forget the traditional boring ice bucket for keeping your wine cool.  Instead, design your own! Introducing the Nice Ice Cooler, an eye-catching way to keep a bottle of wine, Champagne or vodka chilled.  All you need is water, a freezer and some creativity. The Nice Ice Cooler is an ice bucket mold that fits most […]