Cahors Malbec Rosé

With an appreciation for tradition, winemakers in Cahors also seek to modernize Malbec for a new generation of wine lovers. Today the new trend is to produce a rosé of Malbec.

Cahors Malbec roseThe past few years have seen a surge in the popularity of rosé wines in the United States, particularly rosé from France. Though it is still difficult to find Cahors rosé in US stores and restaurants, you’ll definitely want to look for it if you have the opportunity to travel to the region.

Malbec is an extremely versatile grape for rosé. The wine can span a variety of colors and styles – from salmon pink to bright magenta, light and fruity like the rosés of Provence to bursting with ripe red berries like a light bodied Gamay or Pinot Noir.

Most Malbec rosé in Cahors is produced using the saignée method, where some of the juice is “bled off” from what will later become red wine. The wines are classified as “Vin de Pays” or “Indication Geographique Protegee” (IGP).

The first to produce a Malbec rosé was Jean-Luc Baldès of Clos Triguedina. Le Rosé du Clos is a rosé for red wine drinkers. Made entirely of Malbec, the wine is deep pink in color with flavors of fresh raspberries, subtle anise and spice.

Cahors Malbec roseClos Troteligotte produces a rosé with similarly deep color and flavor extraction. The K’meLot is 100% Malbec, with wild strawberry and floral notes.

If you are a fan of Provence rosé, you’ll want to seek out Le Côté Rosé from Lo Domeni. Winemaker Pierre Pradel mixes Malbec and Merlot for a dry rosé that’s as lovely to sip as it is to admire.

Your best chance of finding a Cahors Malbec rosé in the United States is the Pigmentum from Georges Vigouroux. Crisp and refreshing, the 100% Malbec rosé has bright red cherry flavors. Pigmentum is sold at Total Wine.

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Cahors Malbec rose