My Daily Grind: Cafe Milagro Dark Roast

My favorite coffee to brew and drink at home is Café Milagro’s Dark Roast. I discovered Café Milagro last December during a trip to Costa Rica. The café was located a short walk away from my hotel in Manuel Antonio. I went there almost every day; I had their coffee with the traditional Tico breakfast in the morning, coffee and a sandwich for lunch, or an afternoon espresso shake – a delicious blend of espresso and chocolate chip ice cream.

Café Milagro was created in the early 1990s by a couple of American college students who traveled to Costa Rica and fell in love with the country and culture. After being disappointed in the quality of coffee they found there, they decided to make their own. What started with a coffee roaster grew to a café and restaurant.

The café in Manuel Antonio is nestled into the jungle on a narrow winding road that leads down to the beach. The warm and inviting smell of freshly brewed coffee tempts you into the brightly decorated café. If you choose a table outside you may spot a group of monkeys climbing through the trees.

Café Milagro’s Dark Roast is big and bold with a clean and creamy finish. If you don’t like the bitterness of coffee, this is the coffee for you. There’s absolutely no bitterness, which makes it very easy to drink. Even if you take your coffee with sugar, I’d recommend trying the coffee without sugar at first because the natural flavor is so good. I like drinking this coffee black or with a little bit of milk.

I brought home a few bags of Café Milagro from Costa Rica and have reordered it a couple of times online. The coffee is $7.95 and the shipping charges are very reasonable. The quality of the coffee is not lost in transit. It’s just as delicious brewed in your own coffee maker as it is at the café in Costa Rica. It’s idiot-proof as well — I’ve used varying amounts of grounds and it’s never been bitter.

I highly recommend ordering a few bags of Café Milagro’s Dark Roast to try, I think any coffee drinker will really enjoy it. To order beans online or to learn more about Café Milagro, visit