Delicious and Easy Broccolini

I really enjoy cooking. I’ve found some of my best meals come from combining ingredients I think will taste good together, rather than following detailed instructions from a cookbook. I thought I’d share some of my favorite dishes for those who enjoy cooking, but want a stress-free and easy experience.

One of my favorite vegetables to cook and eat is broccolini. It’s a cross between broccoli and Chinese broccoli and contains vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, folate and iron. I could probably eat it every single night. It’s delicious without the bitter taste of broccoli rabe or the unpleasant smell of cooked broccoli. This dish goes well with everything from fish to lamb.

My recipe for broccolini is quick and easy – it only involves three ingredients, one being broccolini. It’s about 3 minutes of prep time, and 15 minutes of cook time.

Broccolini is sold in supermarkets with several stalks tied together. For two people I recommend buying at least 3, or 4 if you have big appetites or want leftovers. The other ingredients are olive oil (I prefer extra virgin olive oil), and red wine vinegar. The vinegar I always use is cabernet vinegar by O Olive Oil. You can find it at Whole Foods or similar grocery stores.

Wash the broccolini and cut off and discard the ends of the stems. Place the broccolini in a pot and drizzle equal amounts of olive oil and vinegar generously over it so the stalks are coated. There should be enough olive oil and vinegar to leave a thin layer of liquid at the bottom of the pot. You want to make sure there’s always liquid there as you’re cooking so the broccolini won’t burn.

Put the pot on the stove, turn the burner to high, and cover the pot. I like to check it every 5 minutes or so, just to stir around the broccolini. The ones closer to the heat will cook more quickly; I like to make sure all the broccolini cooks at the same pace. If you need to, add more olive oil and vinegar to make sure the broccolini at the bottom of the pot doesn’t burn.

The broccolini needs about 15 minutes to cook, a little bit more if the stalks are more thick. It will turn from a bright green color to brown when it’s cooked. You can tell it’s ready by looking at the base of the stalks, there will be a brown ring around the edge from the vinegar. I like my broccolini to still be a little crunchy; if you prefer it less firm you may want to cook it a little longer.

Here’s the abbreviated version of the recipe:

3 to 4 clusters of broccolini
extra virgin olive oil
cabernet vinegar

Prep time: 3 minutes
Cook time: 15 minutes

Trim ends and place broccolini in pot. Sprinkle equal parts olive oil and vinegar over the broccolini so it coats the stalks and leaves a thin layer of liquid at the bottom. Place pot covered on high for 15 minutes, checking every 5 minutes to stir broccolini and adding olive oil and vinegar if needed. Broccolini is ready to eat when it turns brown, with a ring of brown at the base of the stalk.