AG Pick Under $10: Bogle Merlot

Finding a great bottle of wine doesn’t mean spending a fortune. You can find some great wines for less than $20, even less than $10.

My recommendation for a tasty wine at a great value is the Bogle Vineyards Merlot. The California wine retails for around $9. I most recently purchased it at Publix on sale for $7 and change.

I first tried Bogle’s Merlot as a new college graduate. I was working at my first job as a producer at a small market TV station and couldn’t afford to spend a lot on wine. In my search for good value wines I came across Bogle, which soon became my go to label for good wine at a great price.

Bogle’s Merlot has flavors of ripe red cherries and plum with hints of earth and tobacco. It’s aged in 100% American Oak for one year, which gives it a nice spiciness. It has a silky texture with firm tannins that give it the mouthfeel of a more expensive wine.

It’s smooth enough to drink with pasta and fish dishes and has the texture and taste to stand up to heartier meat dishes.

Bogle makes a variety of white and red wines that range between $8 and $18. Besides the Merlot, I recommend the Old Vine Zinfandel and Petit Sirah.

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