Ammazza: Neapolitan-Style Pizza in the Old Fourth Ward

It’s not often that you find a restaurant that’s both hip and family-friendly but Ammazza does both – with tasty results.

Pizza is the main attraction at this new Old Fourth Ward restaurant. The menu is inspired by the street food of Naples and features classic Italian cooking methods that use Italian, locally-sourced and house made ingredients.

Ammazza is located on a quiet stretch of Edgewood Avenue, with great potential to inspire other shops and eateries to open nearby. Parking is easy and free, in a lot next to the restaurant.Ammazza

Ammazza is Italian slang for expressing astonishment or admiration. The slang captures the casual and relaxed feel of the space. You place your order at the front counter, then walk down a narrow hallway to the dining room that has a view of the large wood-burning ovens (great for keeping kids entertained). Dishes are delivered to your table. There’s a second bar in the dining room for when you’re ready for another drink.

Order one of Ammazza’s antipasto to share while your pizza is being prepared. Try the Polpette, homemade meatballs topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, romano and ricotta cheese. If you’re more in the mood for a salad try the Pomodoro Caprese, a stack of roma tomatoes, house mozzarella and basil drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.polpettepomodoro caprese

The Neapolitan-style pizzas are large and come with eight slices so there’s plenty to share. Try the Capricciosa (a traditional pizza that comes with marinated artichokes, wild mushrooms, olives, shaved ham, basil and house mozzarella) or the Inferno (topped with spicy sopressata, house mozzarella, calabria peppers and basil). If you want a taste of Naples street food try a Pizza Fritta. Similar in style to a calzone, house made dough is stuffed with cheese and meat and fried to a golden brown.capricciosa pizza

For dessert you can’t go wrong with the Cannoli. The crisp pastry shells are filled with decadently creamy and sweet ricotta cream. Also worth saving room for is the Torta Caprese, a flourless chocolate almond cake from the isle of Capri that is topped with homemade chocolate ganache.cannoli and torta caprese

Ammazza, 591-A Edgewood Avenue, Atlanta 30312 (Old Fourth Ward)