AG Pick Under $10: Alamos Malbec

I’m in a South American wine phase right now. Argentina and Chile are producing many great wines that cost much less than wines made here in the United States. Many of the red wines have an earthy taste characteristic of Old World wines, a quality I really like when pairing wine with beef or lamb.

The 2006 Alamos Malbec, made by Bodega Catena Zapata in Mendoza, packs a big taste into a small price. For around $10, this is a wine you can buy and drink on any day of the week and not feel guilty.

The wine is a deep purple color. The smell is intense, with spicy black pepper and ripe black fruits. The taste is a lip-smacking combination of black cherries, cassis, cocoa and a hint of leather. The mouthfeel is full and soft with a smooth, lingering finish.

Alamos Malbec pairs nicely with Argentine style beef dishes as well as lamb, hamburgers, chili and hearty stews.

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