1893 Colas Introduce New Flavors

Craft cocktails deserve a craft cola.

This was the theme for an evening of mixed drinks inspired by 1893, a line of flavored colas from the makers of Pepsi-Cola. The event, held at Empire State South, celebrated the release of two new flavors: Citrus Cola and Black Currant Cola.

The colas are a tribute to the original recipes created in 1893 by Pepsi founder Caleb Bradham. They’re made with kola nut extract, real sugar and sparkling water, and available in stylish 12 oz. cans. 1893 Original Cola and Ginger Cola were launched last year.

Empire State South’s award-winning mixologist Kellie Thorn created cocktails made with 1893 for the event. Watching how Kellie crafted each drink was just as fun as sipping the final result.

Highlights were the 1893 Stoop Smash, made with 1893 Black Currant Cola, bourbon, strawberries, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, Angostura bitters and a mint garnish, and the 1893 Sidewalk Spritz, made with 1893 Ginger Cola, vermouth, peach liqueur, fresh lemon juice and rosewater.

Adding a sweet ending was 1893 infused ice cream from McCoughtry’s, a new ice cream company launched by WNBA star and two-time Olympic Gold Medalist Angel McCoughtry. Oh! Snap was made with 1893 Ginger Cola, vanilla ice cream, vanilla wafers and ginger snap cookies. Black Berry Molasses Italian Icee was made with 1893 Black Currant Cola, strawberries, pineapples, lemon and blackberries.

Of course, you don’t need to go to a bar or own a cocktail shaker to enjoy the 1893 colas. They’re great on their own, as the ginger (my favorite), citrus and black currant enhance the crisp and refreshing original cola. The taste is all-natural; no syrupy sweetness or strange aftertaste.

Look for 1893 colas at stores where Pepsi products are sold.